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A key role we perform for our clients is to filter the huge volume of news produced across the UK business environment. Our news feeds highlight matters of current interest in all business sectors and the economy in general. From these highlights we aim to identify for you relevant accounting and business information.

Our business initiatives are particular to Gibson McKerrell Brown and we communicate details of specific initiatives we’re undertaking that may be relevant to our clients in general. On occasion, a potential client may have an interest in – or benefit from – a current business initiative.

If you have detailed questions about one of our business initiatives, we’ll be delighted to answer them directly.

Productivity growth ‘strongest since 2008’

22- 02- 2018

Hourly output hits highest level since recession.

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More workers aim to become self-employed

21- 02- 2018

Almost 1 in 5 workers aim to be their own boss in 2018.

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Cash ISA rates begin to rise

20- 02- 2018

Rates rise by 0.10% on average in last 3 months.

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SMEs spend 15 days a year on tax compliance

19- 02- 2018

Most are not aware of available tax reliefs.

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State pension ‘worst in the developed world’

16- 02- 2018

The state pension in the UK is the lowest of 24 developed countries.

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