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A key role we perform for our clients is to filter the huge volume of news produced across the UK business environment. Our news feeds highlight matters of current interest in all business sectors and the economy in general. From these highlights we aim to identify for you relevant accounting and business information.

Our business initiatives are particular to Gibson McKerrell Brown and we communicate details of specific initiatives we’re undertaking that may be relevant to our clients in general. On occasion, a potential client may have an interest in – or benefit from – a current business initiative.

If you have detailed questions about one of our business initiatives, we’ll be delighted to answer them directly.

Average UK house price growth slows to 8%

17- 09- 2021

Growth slows as SDLT holiday tapers off.

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Online service to transfer funds to SMEs launched

16- 09- 2021

Online service to simplify apprenticeship levy funds allocation process.

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Inflation rises in August to 3.2%

15- 09- 2021

End to pandemic-related subsidisation pushes up food prices.

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Economic recovery stalls in July

14- 09- 2021

GDP grows by 0.1% in July 2021.

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Registration service opens to non-taxable trusts

13- 09- 2021

Taxable trusts receive extended registration period.

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