Business planning services

Financial planning and forecasting is required throughout the life of a business. Our forecasting and business planning services reflect the different requirements of each business as it develops from raising capital, through expansion and development plans to addressing the challenges of managing periods of difficult trading. Whilst we can’t ensure that every business opportunity will be a success for you as our client, a business succeeds by planning and forecasting its progress while measuring and correcting results against these plans.

By nature, people are optimistic – we are inclined to overstate the positive and underplay the negative. It is, after all, the reason why many new businesses get started. Our training and experience tells us that many crucial factors are often overlooked when forecasting continuing performance or planning a new business launch.

Our team will work with you to constructively evaluate the factors that influence each of your business plans. Our planning and business forecasting services consider a wide range of factors that drive revenue and costs when establishing or maintaining a business project. Ultimately, the plan and its related financial forecasts should evolve as a management tool, which is why we aim to deliver a working model that can adapt to your changing circumstances.