Succession planning services

At Gibson McKerrell Brown, all of our advisory services are closely associated with our compliance services. This is most relevant in our taxation services, where we aim to minimise your tax liability. The planning stage of any initiative is the most effective point at which we can advise you in order to limit the effect of taxation in its various forms on your personal wealth.

Our tax and succession planning services are always specific to your individual needs. However, we aim to achieve general objectives when reviewing your circumstances. To give you an outline of our service, some of these planning objectives are detailed below:

Pension Planning & Inheritance Tax: Preservation and passing on wealth through the acquisition of assets and use of tax reliefs.

Personal & Corporation Tax: Maximising the use of standard tax reliefs and allowances.

Capital Gains Tax: Planning for the effective, timing and pricing of purchases and disposals of assets.

VAT Planning: Accurate definition of the location and nature of services subject to VAT.

Specific Business Initiatives: Identification of reliefs and allowances specific to business assets and activities.

In all circumstances our aim is that we minimise your tax liability, in order to pay the correct tax at the right time, with the effect that we reduce the likelihood and potential effect of an enquiry by HMRC.