Corporate advisory services

At Gibson McKerrell Brown, we understand that accountancy and tax matters can seem like a foreign language to many clients. We also know that you have more pressing business matters to address on a day-to-day basis. By filtering a great deal of the accounting and tax information available to you, we can help you to remain focussed only on factors that are key to business operations.

We can advise you from the initial set up stages and through time, on the best type of legal entity for your business. In doing so, we give consideration to factors such as number of partners, the capital requirements of the business, its growth objectives and taxation implications for the project and each of its owners. Our services consider the practical needs of specific situations, from the buying and selling of businesses and restructuring of project funding to system requirements and management of business growth and contraction.

We are also available to assist you on an ongoing basis in your search for funding for business plans and new projects. We maintain regular contact with a number of professional advisers that complement our own services, understanding the cost of funding and, in many cases, evaluating business risk factors. In many circumstances, we will direct you to an appropriate specialist to ensure that these matters are addressed responsibly and documented correctly so that the business proceeds on a solid footing.

Based on the demands of the business, we will advise on practical matters such as establish an accounting ledger structure for you. A well-structured accounting system allows for efficient transaction processing and delivers key business reports with minimal intervention on your part. Our aim is to provide you with the means to monitor financial results that support your ongoing decision-making processes.